"... that the word of the Lord may speed on and triumph!" (2 Thessalonians 3:1)

Programmes & News


1. In our Catholic Bible Institute premises on Nov 30, Dec 7 & 14, a class-full of eager laity from several parishes of Mumbai came together to do a “Comparative study of the Gospels according to Matthew and Luke.” Guided by Dr Renu Rita Silvano OCV and Fr Fio SJ, they entered deeper into the spirituality of the Advent and Christmas seasons.

2. Cardinal Oswald Gracias recently appointed Fr Fio Mascarenhas SJ as the Secretary/Director of this Commission. He therefore organized two big biblical events, a full-day “Introduction to the Old Testament” on Dec 1st at the Retreat House, Bandra, attended by over 70 laity from the parishes of Mumbai and taught by Dr Renu and Fr Fio; and a “Symposium on New Testament Spirituality” on 9th Dec at the St Joseph's Sec School Hall, Bandra, attended by about 70 people. A banquet of the word of God was served to them by Aux Bishop John Rodrigues (President of the Commission), Aux Bishop Barthol Barretto (Keynote: “My words are spirit and life”), and Frs Gilbert deLima, Michael D'Cunha, Fio, and Dr Renu Rita Silvano OCV.


3. An Introduction to the Old Testament. Venue: Retreat House, Bandra. Date: Dec. 1st, 9am to 5pm.

















4. Malaysia: The Family Life Commission of the Jesuit Church of St Francis Xavier in Kuala Lumpur invited Fr Fio Mascarenhas SJ to conduct a Seminar on 8th November on “Drawing power from the word of God for Family Life.” Over 200 lay people from all over the city attended it. The next evening he also preached at the all-KL Charismatic Prayer Groups Rally at the Divine Mercy Church. Over 100 copies of his recent book were sold out.