"... that the word of the Lord may speed on and triumph!" (2 Thessalonians 3:1)

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Our Patroness

OLGOur Lady of Guadalupe is the revered Patroness of our Catholic Bible Institute. We had worked and prayed for many years to build our own premises in Mumbai, but without success. Then, out of the blue, so to speak, our efforts suddenly bore fruit on her feast-day, 12 December, 2002. The life-size replica of her picture, brought to us all the way from Mexico, now adorns the front wall of our classroom. All our apostolic efforts to promote a familiarity and love for God's word are now under her patronage and powerful intercession.

The story of Mary's apparition at Guadalupe, Mexico, is an extraordinary one. It happened in 1531, just 40 years after Columbus discovered America. The Immaculate Virgin appeared four times to a childless, middle-aged widower, Juan Diego. On her last visit, she painted (without Juan Diego realising it immediately) a most beautiful full-length picture of herself on the coarse tilma (a kind of shawl) that he had wrapped around him. As a result, eight million Mexican "Indians" were baptised within the next seven years, manifesting Mary as truly the "Star of Evangelisation".

The tilma, made of frail cactus fibre, which should have crumbled long ago, bears the same clear Image today as it did in 1531. (Scientific efforts to duplicate it have seen the cactus fibers disintegrating after seven years, with the colours changed and deteriorated). Nitric acid was accidentally spilled on the Image in 1778, but to everyone's astonishment, it was protected from damage. Even worse, a powerful bomb was secretly but deliberately burst under the Image in 1921, and it bent a large bronze crucifix like a bow, but Our Lady's glass was not even cracked! Also, no matter what the surrounding temperature is, the Image itself remains at the normal human body temperature, 98.6 degrees F! Looking in 1962 at a photo of the eye enlarged 25 times, it was scientifically discovered that Juan Diego's image is reflected thrice and preserved in the eyes of Our Lady. Photography and modern scientifically verifiable evidence attest to this miracle! We can conclude therefore, that this is the same face of Mary of Nazareth, whom Jesus beheld as a little Baby, the face His tiny hands caressed, the face He looked on during his life on earth, the face He admires in heaven today! Studies have also shown that Mary's tunic, mantle, belt and slippers are the exact winter clothing of the women who lived in Palestine in Gospel times.

The greatest popular devotion to any apparition of Mary in the whole world is that of Guadalupe, where daily throughout the year over 15,000 people (about 7 million annually) go on pilgrimage. Mary is shown in the Image as pregnant, and so is also taken today by the Pro-Life Movement as its special Patroness. Innumerable miracles of healing and of protection from harm and danger, as well as of answers to prayers for every human need, have been witnessed through a warm devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.