"... that the word of the Lord may speed on and triumph!" (2 Thessalonians 3:1)



A Catholic Introuction to studying, praying and correctly interpreting God’s word, by Dr Renu Silvano OCV and Dr Fio Mascarenhas SJ. Bishop.Bosco Penha of Bombay writes in the Foreword: “The authors of this little book from the Catholic Bible Institute have a passionate desire to make the Scriptures known and loved by one and all. It is praiseworthy that they can write a book as simple as this one in which their profound grasp of the Scriptures, distilled, is made available in clear thinking and easy language to the common man …”



 2. CO-HEIRS WITH CHRIST, a book on biblical spirituality by Dr Fio Mascarenhas SJ,described by Cardinal Toppo in the Preface as “an excellent book for a basic but substantial course in theology. The language is simple and yet not superficial. The exposition is soaked with the words and spirit of Scripture, and the personal and cultural material very aptly added by the author make it alive and attractive to anybody interested in getting a deeper insight into the Christian faith.” (The book has been published already in several foreign languages).




3. HAIL, MARY! a biblical presentation of Marian spirituality by Dr Renu Silvano OCV and Dr Fio Mascarenhas SJ. Bishop Agnelo Gracias writes in the Preface: “It is a slim volume, but a priceless one.  In nine brief chapters, the co-authors have given us precious insights about Mary, based on Scripture and Church Teaching.  Each page testifies to their deep affection and love for Mary.”




 4. THE PARACLETE, GOD-WITH-US, a biblical presentation about the Person and action of the Holy Spirit in our lives, by Fr Fio Mascarenhas SJ. Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay writes in the Preface: “Rich in scriptural references, deep in theological content, with a well organized structure, and written in a very readable style, it could well be a good text book for all Christians who want to begin a deeper study about the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity.




 5. THE MOTHER OF JESUS by Dr. Renu Rita Silvano OCV, STD: A lovely, contemplative, Marian Lectio Divina, reviewed in VIDYAJYOTI magazine: “This is a special kind of book in Mariology in the sense that the author has composed Mary’s story afresh with faith, meditating on relevant passages from the Bible and the teachings of the Church. Though the book is contemplative in nature, it also captivates due to its story form. The author uses not only her scholarship on the subject but also her imagination to weave the story of Mary. The story starts with Mary as a young girl betrothed to Joseph and ends with the birth of the Church on Pentecost Sunday. The book focuses on the inner feelings and thoughts of Mary in the many events of her life with Jesus, spreading through twenty-five episodes. By retelling the story of Mary, on the one hand, the author has brought alive some of the biblical passages concerning Mary and her life with Joseph and Jesus. On the other hand, reading the story of Mary in this book, one gets the impression that Mary knew her Hebrew Scriptures very well and she was able to recall to mind the appropriate passage from the Scriptures at each circumstance in her life… Notwithstanding the danger of ‘divinizing’ Mary, the style of the book will certainly help even an ordinary reader who is not so familiar with Biblical exegesis and scholarship to enter into the situation of Mary. Furthermore, with many appropriate biblical quotations, including those from the Old Testament, this book promises to be very helpful to understand the Mother of Jesus better and will enable the reader to develop a loving relationship with her.” (Also in Tamil).

6. LIFE IN ABUNDANCE by Dr. Fio Mascarenhas SJ contains 12 of the best-known teachings of Jesus, in full-color, with brief commentaries showing their relevance to modern life. Useful for both faith-formation and evangelization. (Also Hindi)


7. THE INSPIRING TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST – For People of All Faiths, by Dr. Renu Silvano OCV and Dr. Fio Mascarenhas SJ, is a full-colour presentation of the actual (RSV) text of the 4 Gospels, intended for both faith-formation and evangelization. (Also in Hindi, Tamil, Konkani, Telugu, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Urdu, Polish, etc).




8. ST. PAUL & THE GOOD NEWS byDr. Renu Silvano OCV and Dr. Fio Mascarenhas SJ is meant to help the reader rediscover, with wonder and joy, what is the real Good News of Christianity, as taught by St.Paul. Dr. Agnelo Gracias, Aux. Bishop of Bombay, writes in the Foreword: “The book is written in the genre of ‘popular reading.’ Underlying it is a wealth of scholarship, presented without the trappings of footnotes and other such baggage. This makes the book easy to read, inviting us to a more scholarly study of St. Paul. One can see that the two authors have indeed penetrated the heart of Paul.”





9. GOD'S WORD NOURISHES: Explains the Catholic principles of Interpretation according to Dei Verbum, in an easy way for the Laity.

  10. WHO IS A CHRISTIAN? A new edition of "Co-Heirs with Christ" (now out of print).

  11. UNPACKING THE GOOD NEWS: Published in 2015 to celebrate The Year of Mercy which is timeless...

12. WAKE UP THE WORLD: To celebrate Consecrated Life, this book offers biblical reflections on the theme, for Religious men and women.

13. Seeking the Face of Jesus: A beautiful adventure searching for Jesus in the Old Testament, published 2004 (out of print). The American edition by Our Sunday Visitor, published 2006 is available at all Catholic bookstores.


 14. INFINITE POWER: This book selects and develops the 10 most important and fundamental New Testament texts to inspire our daily lives as Christians.








"A full-color introduction to the very important and essential teachings of Jesus Christ about every human being's obligation to care for persons in need, whatever be their social background or status."









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